The UX Club at UT Dallas wants to increase consciousness of User-Centered Design. Every experience you encounter with a product, service, or brand impacts your life. Possessing empathy, problem solving skills, and creative innovation are our core values that perfect people’s experiences.


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Upcoming Events

Partner Event: John Maeda - UT Dallas Distinguished Lecture Series

Held by Dallas User Experience Group on 4 March 2015 7:30 PM

John Maeda
"Turning STEM into STEAM"


You m... Read More

Infographic Design Tools & Tips with Randy Krum

Held by Dallas User Experience Group on 26 March 2015 6:30 PM

Data visualizations and infographics are powerful communication tools to make data and information easier to understand and more memorable to an audience. Designing to communicate with data can be applied to PowerPoint presentations, websites, rep... Read More

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